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Eye Emergency in Loveland, CO by Dr. Van

November 23, 2022

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Emergency Room or Call Dr. Van?

Eye emergencies happen. Our first instinct may be to get to an emergency room or urgent care for help. But according to Dr. Kenneth Van Amerongen, a Loveland eye doctor since 1989, the ER is not always the best plan of action when dealing with the eyes.

ERs may be able to treat a wound, but oftentimes they don’t have the correct equipment to do a proper eye examination. Nor do they have staff who specialize in eye care. ER and Urgent Care staff could potentially misdiagnose you resulting in permanent vision loss when treating a wound to the eye.

The best answer when dealing with an eye-related emergency is to visit or phone your Loveland optometrist at Van’s Eyecare.

Nearly 25% of eye-related ER visits were determined to be non-emergencies that easily could have been treated by an optometrist in-office. Unnecessary ER visits can be costly to the patient and may slow down care for others experiencing an emergency.

A Good Reason to Call Your Loveland Eye Doctor


There are many reasons to visit your Loveland optometrist, Dr. Kenneth Van Amerongen at Van’s Eyecare, and an

eye emergency

is certainly one of them.

Dr. Van can treat these common eye care emergencies.

  • Blunt Eye Trauma
  • Eye Cut, Puncture, or Foreign Body to the Eye or Eyelid
  • Chemical Burn of the Eye
  • Red Eye
  • Pupils Become Different Sizes (pupil anisocoria)

NOTE: Sudden total vision loss in one eye is likely the result of a stroke–go immediately to the ER.

Leaving these symptoms untreated for a long amount of time can lead to permanent damage, vision loss, or blindness. Not to mention be very irritating.

Dr. Van’s Emergency Eye Care

Dr. Van Amerongen has urgent eye care procedures in place for Van’s Eyecare including an emergency phone number. He is an expert in treating these types of eye problems and can help to keep your eyes and vision safe and healthy.

Dr. Van and Van’s Eyecare want to provide convenient and quick care, so utilizing their urgent care system after-hours for emergencies could be beneficial.


Dr. Van Amerongen can help you determine if your experience is an actual emergency or something benign that can be treated at home or at Van’s Eyecare.


An Annual Eye Exam Can Forewarn of Potential Surprises

Getting an annual comprehensive eye exam can help you to understand any surprising eye conditions you might experience, such as a puffy eyelid, pink eye, or eye floaters. Dr. Van is also able to diagnose many underlying health conditions you might have when you get a comprehensive eye exam. He will advise paths for treatment.

Dr. Van Amerongen is an eye specialist. He knows the best route to keep you healthy and seeing your best. Reach out to Van’s Eyecare to determine what options there are through their office for emergency care.

If you don’t have a Loveland optometrist, call Van’s Eyecare now to set up an eye exam. Your Loveland eye doctor should be your primary line of defense for your eye health. Working with Dr. Van will help you to be prepared if an

eye emergency