Eye doctor in Loveland

Kenneth Van Amerongen is Loveland’s trusted eye doctor since 1989.

January 26, 2024
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Kenneth Van Amerongen, an eye doctor in Loveland, Colorado, is appreciated for his eye care expertise in the community for more than three decades.

Dr. Kenneth Van AmerongenKnown affectionately as “Doctor Van” among his patients, he is more than just a skilled optometrist; he exhibits the conduct and knowledge that define an experienced and caring eye care professional.

“Doctor Van is amazingly thorough and highly skilled. I appreciate his gentleness and professionalism.” – Christine J.


A Culture of Excellence.

Doctor Van’s journey in optometry began more than 35 years ago when he embarked on a career to preserve and enhance the gift of vision. His commitment to excellence has guided his work, positively impacting Loveland’s eye health.

“I have been going to Doctor Van for my annual exams since moving to Loveland 30 years ago. Dr. Van and the staff are true professionals! “– Brenda H.


Comprehensive Eye Exams.

The pledge to provide thorough eye exams is at the core of Doctor Van’s practice. He understands that good vision is not just about seeing clearly; it’s about protecting the overall health of your eyes. His goal for his patients is “Healthy eyes and clear, comfortable vision.”

eye exam

“One of the most thorough exams I have had. Not rushed.” – Jane S.

Doctor Van’s eye examinations go beyond a routine checkup. He looks for important details, ensuring potential issues are detected and addressed. His eye exams will uncover the beginnings of eye diseases and address treatment early. Doctor Van also looks for health conditions that can be seen in the eyes before symptoms develop in the body—diabetes, for example.


Precision in Prescription.

One of the critical aspects of optometry is prescribing accurate eyeglasses and contact lenses and fitting them comfortably. Doctor Van’s mindfulness in determining the right prescription for his patients is noticeable.

“Ken helped answer all my questions and made sure I got the right prescription for my routine eye exam. I will recommend Doctor Van to my family! “– Travis D.

His know-how ensures that each pair of eyeglasses or set of contact lenses is tailor-made to meet the specific visual needs of the individual. Doctor Van personally fits all contact lenses to provide excellent vision and lens-wearing comfort. Van’s Eyecare opticians, Steve and Anna, will fill every eyeglass prescription with expertise.

I would recommend Doctor Van, Steve, and the rest of the staff for truly professional eye care.” – Brenda H.


Treating All Eye Conditions.

Doctor Van’s continuing education and three decades of experience qualify him to tackle various eye conditions and injuries. He has seen it all, from common issues like dry eyes and allergies to more complex conditions like macular degeneration and glaucoma.

For example, he knows which autoimmune diseases are prone to cause eye issues. Doctor Van will track the growth of a cataract from exam to exam and inform the patient of options, and he will diagnose retinal disorders. He can discuss the best eye drops for treating various dry eye conditions and is aware of seasonal allergies and the problems they cause in the eyes. Doctor Van’s patients trust him to provide effective treatments and guidance for eye health management.


“I received a full check-up and chose frames and lenses for new glasses, and they have eliminated eye strain and headaches.” – Bransen G.


Vision Impairment Consultant.

Doctor Van is a true ally for those dealing with loss of vision. He helps individuals maximize their remaining vision and offers support and resources for adapting to life with vision challenges. His compassionate approach enables patients to receive the care and guidance they need to maintain their independence and quality of life as well as possible.

“My wife and I appreciate the thorough and unrushed eye exams done by Dr. Amerongen. Highly recommended! “– Ken S.


Collaborative Care.

In addition to his individual practice, Doctor Van collaborates with ophthalmologists in the Northern Colorado area to co-manage procedures like cataract surgeries and Lasik eye surgery. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive the best possible care with expertise from the optometry and ophthalmology fields. One cataract surgery patient, himself a doctor, said,

“Doctor Van referred me to a surgeon who was the best eye surgeon for my particular case. I would not have found him on my own.” – Tony G.


A Productive Member of the Loveland Community.

Kenneth Van Amerongen’s impact on Loveland, Colorado, extends beyond his clinical achievements. He is rooted in the community and has become a trusted figure among his peers in Loveland’s eye care landscape. His Loveland eye care clinic is one of the longest-established medical practices in Northern Colorado.

He is an active member of the Loveland Lions Club. Van’s Eyecare is a collection point for the club’s used eyeglasses donations.

Van's eyecareWith the Lions Club, Doctor Van enjoys hanging out with the kids as an engineer on Loveland’s famous Buckhorn Northern Railroad train ride at North Lake Park every Wednesday afternoon during summer.


Serving Loveland.

His commitment to the community’s well-being is evident in his long-standing service. Doctor Van’s journey in Loveland began in 1989 when he opened his optometry clinic, “Kenneth Van Amerongen, Optometrist,” and his eyewear store and eyecare center, “Van’s Eyecare” in the Village Shops, at 1207 and 1209 W Eisenhower Blvd.

His presence in Loveland is a source of comfort for his patients. Over the years, Doctor Van has witnessed the growth and changing needs of the community, adapting his practice to provide every patient with the highest level of service and care.

“(My family has) been going there for twenty years! Awesome staff and Doctor!” – LeeAnne H.

“I had an excellent experience at Van’s Eyecare!  Got a thorough exam and beautiful glasses in an afternoon! Thank you all!” – Chris L.


Van’s Eyecare: A Name You Can Trust.

“The best eye care office I’ve ever been to!”

For those needing expert eyecare in Loveland, Van’s Eyecare is the name that comes to mind. Doctor Van’s practice is not just a place for eye exams; it’s a place where patients receive personalized attention from a dedicated team.

“Amazing and friendly staff. They are very trustworthy and keen on providing you with the best results. I went in for my appointment the day I called, got an eye exam, picked out frames, and left with my new glasses the same day! I had a great conversation; it was the best eye care office I’ve ever been to!” – Alie M.

The opticians at Van’s Eyecare offer a full range of eyewear and lens treatments, from prescription safety goggles to sunglasses to handmade fashion frames. They fill unusual prescriptions with creative expertise.

“Doctor Van found that I needed vision correction for only one eye. His optician upgraded my existing eyeglasses by changing only one lens. This saved me the cost of new eyewear!” – John G.


Schedule Your Appointment.

If you’re in Northern Colorado and seeking exceptional eye care, don’t hesitate to contact Doctor Van’s office at (970) 667-5508 for an appointment. Whether you need a routine eye exam, treatment for an eye condition, or guidance on managing vision impairment, you can trust Kenneth Van Amerongen, Loveland’s eye doctor, to provide the eye care you deserve.

“I’ve been going to Van’s Eyecare for years. They provide excellent service, competitive prices, and an experienced staff. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking full-service eye care.” – Edward A.

In conclusion, your eye doctor in Loveland, Kenneth Van Amerongen, is more than a healthcare professional; he’s a community mainstay. With his cultivation of excellence, comprehensive eye care services, and compassionate approach, Doctor Van has earned the trust and respect of his patients over the decades.

“My wife and I appreciate the thorough and unrushed eye exams done by Dr. Amerongen. Highly recommended!” – Ken S.

He welcomes new patients. Northern Colorado residents can count on him for all their eye care needs, making Optometrist Kenneth Van Amerongen a valued resource for the Loveland community he has served for so long.

“Dr. Van took the time to answer all my questions and was very helpful. I strongly recommend this eye care professional.” – Kyle B.