Optometrist Co-Management for Lasik Surgery in Loveland, CO

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Loveland optometrist Dr. Ken Van Amerongen offers eye surgery co-management for custom blade-less Lasik vision correction.

Dr. Van Amerongen, your master optometrist in Loveland at Van’s Eyecare, provides co-management with local eye surgeons for patients who undergo

Lasik surgery

procedures. Co-management is convenient for Dr. Van’s patients before, during, and after surgery as he provides the necessary pre-op exams and preparations as well as post-op care for up to 12 months after surgery.

Millions of people have undergone Lasik eye surgery since its approval by the FDA in 1998, and the procedure has improved significantly over the years. Lasik eye surgery is performed by a professional ophthalmologist using an excimer laser to correct astigmatisms and reshape the cornea, allowing patients to see without the use of glasses or contacts.

Often, patients choose to work with their preferred optometrist throughout their procedure for comfort and familiarity.

Before the procedure takes place, Dr. Van walks his patients through the process and answers any questions or concerns that may arise. He provides pre-op exams to ensure that his patients are true candidates for

Lasik surgery

and assists them through their preparations before they meet with their ophthalmologist. After surgery, Dr. Van provides personal post-op care for up to 12 months to ensure that proper healing has taken place and vision has been improved.

That patients choose to see Dr. Van before and after surgery rather than their ophthalmologist might seem strange, but the benefits of co-management are worthwhile. Many patients have been seeing Dr. Van for several years and trust only him with their eye care. He is available on a personal level to provide second opinions for any of his patients more than would the unknown ophthalmologist. Dr. Van is able to give patients an unbiased opinion of their eye health and recommend an ophthalmologist that he knows and trusts to take their vision to the next level.

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