Dry Eye Treatment in Loveland

Dry Eye Treatment

IF YOU HAVE TIRED OR DRY EYES, here is good news! Mild cases of dry or tired eyes caused by intensive computer use, reading, bright sunlight, and other situations, can usually be treated with eye drops to give your eyes some much-welcomed relief. The challenge is knowing which formulation of artificial tears or lubricating eye drops are the best for your eyes.

Over-the-counter eye drops have a wide variety of ingredients and viscosities. The formulation of a brand determines its fit for your type of dry eye condition. After an examination of your eyes, Dr. Van will recommend the proper eye drops.

Eye exam

Sometimes Dr. Van will find that your eyes need more than just lubrication and he will also recommend oral supplements for your best dry eye treatments.

Let Dr. Van take a look at your eyes. He will recommend the most appropriate intervention to achieve long-lasting dry eye relief and your best eye health.

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