Affordable Contact Lenses in Loveland, CO

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Contact Lenses in Loveland

Change your look – and your outlook – with contact lenses


Sometimes you and the world look better without eyeglasses.

Contact lenses

are easier to wear than ever before … and more versatile.


Your lifestyle choices, job, hobby, outdoor activities, and indoor and outdoor sports, might be more safe, fun, or comfortable without glasses. That’s when

contact lenses

come to the rescue.

Did you know you can wear contact lenses to correct astigmatism? And you can wear bifocal and progressive bifocal contact lenses.

You could try colored contacts, prescription and non-prescription, to change the color of your eyes! And imagine a change of eye color to complement your change of hair color – LOL! What fun!

Van’s offers Disposable Contacts and One-day Disposable Contacts. Or if you just had surgery, ask about Post Surgical Hybrid Contacts.

Van’s Eyecare has every type of Contact Lens from which to choose.

When you have an eye exam, ask your Loveland optometrist Dr. Ken Van Amerongen if your eyes are suitable to wear contact lenses. Most people have no worries and find that contacts add a lot of versatility to their eye wear choices.

Here are some of the best-selling brand names we carry at Van’s.

  • Acuvue Oasys Multi-Focal Contacts
  • Boston Contacts
  • Keratoconus Hybrid Contacts
  • New Hybrid Contacts
  • Proclear Contacts
  • PureVision 30-days Overnight Wear
  • PureVision Multi-Focal Contacts
  • Soflens One-Day Contacts
  • Synergeyes Contact Lenses

Get a new look – and a new outlook – at Van’s Eyecare.

Now you can order your contact lens refills online.

After an eye exam and custom fitting. Dr. Van will give you private and secure login information to order new contact lenses at your convenience. Then you only need to visit and click the button below or in the sidebar on any page.