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Maintain 20/20 Vision with Regular Eye Exams

December 19, 2022

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Hooray for Eye Health in 2023!

We know you wouldn’t trade your priceless vision for anything. That’s why your annual comprehensive eye exam is essential for your current and future eye health. Book an appointment with Dr. Ken Van Amerongen now while you’re thinking about it.

Getting your eyes checked isn’t only about having

20/20 vision

, it’s about a healthy and happy life. At Van’s Eyecare, our goal for you is healthy eyes and clear comfortable

20/20 vision

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Many vision-threatening eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy have no or minimal symptoms until the disease has progressed. Early detection is key to slowing progress, managing disease, and saving vision.

Check Out These Benefits of an Annual Vision Test


Early detection of
• macular degeneration,
• presbyopia,
• diabetes,
• cataracts,
• retinal disease, and
• other developing conditions.
Diagnosis and monitoring of
• farsightedness,
• nearsightedness,
• astigmatism,
• reading disorders, and
• other vision-related problems.


Diagnosis and treatments for
• dry eye,
• glaucoma,
• computer vision syndrome, and
• bothersome vision-relation conditions.
Prescriptions for
• contact lenses,
• computer glasses,
• reading glasses,
• driving glasses,
• sports glasses, and
• sunglasses.


Are you convinced? Book your annual eye exam today!

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