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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Whether you need a prescription for improved vision or you suspect eye health problems, call (970) 667-3445 to schedule a vision exam.


Eye surgery?

Start here, at your Loveland optometrist

Eye surgery co-management integrates the most effective abilities of your optometrist and the ophthalmologist who will provide the actual surgery.

As an expert Loveland eye doctor, Dr. Van Amerongen knows all elements of the eye treatment, and he will guarantee that you know your medical choices. After consultation with you, and a comprehensive eye examination, Dr. Van will help you choose the most appropriate operation platform and refer you to the ophthalmologist who will perform your cataract or Lasik eye surgery.  You will be well prepared for the surgery.

As your optometrist, Dr. Van will provide you and your ophthalmologist with all the essential pre-op planning, tests, and test results. And to ensure proper healing, Dr. Van will give you all necessary post-op care up to 12 months following the surgical treatment.

There is no extra charge for eye surgery co-management.

Start at Van’s Eyecare and choose eye surgery co-management for the best that your optometrist and ophthalmologist can offer.


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